About Us

Hi, my name is Jackie Coulter, I am the Director of Card Creation at Embellish by Jackie.  What does that mean?  It means I do everything, I am a one women show.  Embellish by Jackie was inspired because I love going to the mailbox and getting the mail. To me the mailbox is a magical transportation device the delivers presents 6 days a week. The first thing I do when I get home is get the mail. The best is when you open the door and see a big pile that take two hands to pull out. You do have to sort through the “junk mail” credit card advertisements and etc., but what a feeling to see an envelope with a handwritten address. This is the good stuff, a greeting card. This envelope cannot wait until you get into the house, it will be ripped open then and there. And to make it even better, finding a beautiful, stunning and unique greeting card. It will automatically make you smile! Feelings of care and love fill your heart. This card will be displayed and may never see the inside of a trash can.  This is why I make greeting cards, to give everyone the opportunity to invoke these feelings in someone they love with a embellished piece of paper and a stamp.